About My Blog

For me, food & travel go together like peanut butter and jelly. Food serves as a way to help us remember the places we’ve been and the things we’ve experienced.  It gives us a taste of the local culture and a way to connect with the destinations and people we visit. 

Even before I became a Pastry Chef, I found myself seeking out local cookbooks when I traveled.  I was especially excited if I found a small, spiral bound cookbook put together by the local church ladies or social club because I knew I would find desserts that were specific to that state or region and that everyone there knew about, but that might be unfamiliar to me. 

In my life, I hope to visit each of the 50 states, but in the meantime I’m going to travel virtually and what better way to do that than through recipes.  That’s where Sweet State of Mine comes in.  My goal is to find at least one sweet (cake, candy, cookie, pie, etc.) that is unique to each state and blog about it.  I’ll share the recipe so that if you want to have a taste of Texas at home in Idaho, you can.  

Here’s the plan - I’ll research each state to see what I can find but I really need you to help by suggesting a sweet that you think represents your state like New York Cheesecake or Mississippi Mud Cake.   Basically, I’m looking for what you think should be your official state sweet!  

If you have a recipe and some background information about the sweet that you can share, that would be amazing!  I’ll try to go through the 50 states in alphabetical order, but may skip around for seasonality purposes or if I’m still researching a state.  

Lastly, please share my site with all of your friends so that we can get input from natives / residents and get a true taste of that state.  

Thanks for visiting my site!  I look forward to hearing what’s sweet in your state! 



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    1. Hi - So sorry to hear you are having trouble viewing these posts. I've checked both of them on my laptop and iPad and I have been able to see both with no issues. Are you able to see other states? Not sure what the problem could be but everything looks normal on my end.