Vermont - Sugar on Snow

Well, Vermont is going to be a little bit different than the other states on Sweet State of Mine because I'm not actually going to make their unique sweet.  Sugar on Snow is a tradition in Vermont and a true cultural experience that has been loved by generations - and from what I've read, not to be attempted by "flatlanders" (those of us not from Vermont)!  

Each March when maple syrup season begins, sugar houses and Vermonters host Sugar on Snow parties.  Fresh maple syrup is heated then drizzled on fresh snow which transforms the syrup into a chewy, maple candy.  If you attend a Sugar on Snow party, you will be served the following: 

  • bowl of fresh snow
  • cup of warm maple syrup
  • dill pickle
  • yeast raised donut
  • coffee / juice 

Sounds like a strange combination, but the donut and dill pickle are meant to cut the intense sweetness of the maple syrup "candy".  

I would imagine that sugaring snow was an accidental discovery hundreds of years ago when a clumsy sap gatherer sloshed some syrup onto the snow.  But it turned out to be a great discovery for the people of Vermont and a fun tradition!  If you are ever in Vermont during maple season, be sure to visit a Sugar House and get some Sugar on Snow! 


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